Job Production Process - NIU - Office of Publications

Job Production Process

From initial contact to project completion, our clients are involved throughout the production process. The time required for producing a job depends on several variables, including the complexity and nature of the project and the number of projects that are in production in our office. 

Project Initiation 

When you contact the Office of Publications (815-753-6070) to inquire about initiating a project, we can schedule a meeting to discuss the objectives of your project and specific considerations including budget and “date in hand” requirements. Your job will be assigned to a designer who will work with you to determine the specifications for your project. 

Project Schedule 

Once you have submitted your final, complete text, your job will be assigned a number and entered into our production cycle. Based on your requested delivery date and the time needed to complete the project, a production schedule will be created. 


Our designers will create an effective design for your project and will work with you to select photos or graphics to best convey your message. 

Client Proof 

Once the job has been designed, you will receive a proof. Attached to the proof will be a Page Proof form that requires an authorized client signature before the job can proceed – back to the designer for another round of corrections or to the appropriate vendor if it is the final approved version. Please note: We will do our best to keep your project on schedule, but keep in mind that each additional proof cycle can ultimately affect your project’s completion date. 

To Vendor 

Depending on the nature of your job, once a final approval signature has been given, we will provide the job files to you or to the appropriate vendor. If it is a print job, the final printed piece will be delivered by the vendor to your specified drop-off location.