Resources - NIU - Office of Publications


Editor’s Manual 

The Editor’s Manual is a resource for editorial guidelines and terminology specific to NIU including: mechanics of style, spelling and word treatment, terminology and usage, and a campus facilities list. Also included is text of the Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action (Title IX) Statement. 

NIU Facts 

NIU Facts is a compilation of NIU-specific information including: enrollment, faculty/staff count, academic information, student profile, athletics, tuition and fees, history, governing structure, and distance/location information. 

Northern Illinois University Official Names List 

Compiled by the Office of Publications, the NIU Official Names List serves as a resource for referencing the official names of NIU offices as well as some non-university entities. 

Where to Get What 

Our Where to Get What list provides contact information for NIU offices that provide a wide variety of services and products (business cards, stationery, signs, maps, forms, etc).