FAQs - NIU - Office of Publications


How do I initiate a publication?

Feel free to call the Office of Publications, 753-6070, to set up a meeting/consultation with a Publications designer so we can help create an effective, appropriate publication for your office, event, or program. You can also go to our getting started page for more information.

What does it cost? 

The Office of Publications does not charge for its services. If you find you need to use Document Services for typesetting or other services, Media Production-Imaging for photography, or if you have some other special needs for your publication, there may be charges for these services. There will also be a charge for the printing of the publication (either through Document Services or an outside vendor through Procurement Services procedures). 

How long does it take to complete a project? 

Most general publications take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. More complex jobs may take more time and planning. The schedule is based on receipt of all text and supporting materials and the appropriate authorization form. 

Do I need to take my own photography? 

Media Production-Imaging has a staff of professional photographers whom we work with on a regular basis for photography needs.

Who writes the original copy?

The original copy is furnished by the client and the client is also responsible for accuracy of content and final proof reading to check for gramar and spelling before sending the publication to print. 

What is a university publication? 

A university publication is anything set in type (or composed for electronic distribution) that either: 
• Uses the university logo, 
• Represents the university to an off-campus audience (alumni newsletters are included), 
• Invites participation in a university program or event, or 
• Commits the university to perform an action or provide a service. 
For more information, check out our NIU's Business Procedures Manual.

Do I need to design a mock-up before I see you? 

You do not need to design a mock-up. Our professional designers will work with you to get the desired design that gets the message across to your audience. 

How do I arrange to print my publication? 

Depending on the job’s complexity and the quantity needed, it can be printed by NIU Document Services or by an outside printing vendor through NIU’s Procurement Services purchase order process. We have working relationships with Media Production-Imaging, Document Services, and preferred vendors to enable us to guide you through the complete process from inception to completion. 

Do you produce websites? 

Web Communications works with campus clients to support and develop university websites.

Where do I order stationery? 

Our standards page will guide you through the university standards for stationery. You can send your stationary request directly to Document Services through their online store.