Recent NIU Public Administration Ph.D Alumni

Greg Streib ( 1985) is Professor of Public Administration and Urban Studies at Georgia State University.  His work has covered a broad range of local government management issues concerning local government management tools such as pay-for-performance, strategic planning, e-government, and total quality management.  He has published extensively including in top journals such as the Public Administration Review and Administration and Society. More information on Professor Streib is available at here

Keenan Grennell (Ph.D., 1993) is interim assistant provost for diversity and multicultural affairs and a member of the political science faculty at Auburn University; his dissertation was a study of mayoral politics in Rockford, Illinois.

Douglas Ihrke (1996), whose dissertation examined organizational burnout in the NRCS, is currently directing the MPA program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Doug Snow (1996) came to NIU after working as a legislative staffer in Utah; after completing his dissertation on state tax expenditures, he currently teaches public finance at Suffolk University.

Keith Schildt (1998), after serving as the first professional city administrator of Genoa, Illinois, and finishing his dissertation on civil case mediation in the Rockford circuit courts, is currently the director of the MPA program at LaVerne University, in southern California.

Gloria Simo (1997), an NIU MPA alumna and former MPA Coordinator, began teaching at University of Arkansas at Little Rock after completing her dissertation on the success of housing programs. She is now teaching at DePaul University.

Vidu Soni (1997) completed her disertation on the diversity in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and an article from her dissertation was published in Public Administration Review.

Mark Robbins (1999), after a first career in law enforcement, began a faculty appointment at the University of Minnesota at Mankato.

Wu Liangfu’s (1999) dissertation compared public and private management information systems, and an article from the dissertation is forthcoming in the American Review of Public Administration; he is the director of information services for the Village of Downers Grove, and regularly teaches the core course in public MIS in the division’s curriculum.

Vicki Clarke (2001) took PA as her doctoral second field and wrote her dissertation on local government decentralization and democratization in Ghana.

Ornanong Noiwong (2001) completed her dissertation on the evolution of policy towards Muslims in Thailand; she returned home to Thailand, where she now works in the foreign office.

Greg Kuhn (2002) wrote his dissertation on executive appraisal of city managers; he recently joined the PAR Group, a local government consulting firm, as a partner.