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In addition to the public policy/management core, students must also complete the requirements of one of the following areas of specialization, thus permitting the development of the expertise in a specialized field of academic and professional interest.

  1. Strategic Public Management and Leadership - a study of public administration, focusing principally on leadership skills and knowledge in the management of public organizations.
  2. Local Government Management - an analysis of urban problems, especially the political and administrative problems of city management and community organization activities.
  3. Fiscal Administration - a critical examination of techniques and problems in the areas of fiscal management, accountancy, budgetary policy, and political economy.
  4. Non-profit Management - a study of the unique challenges posed by the administration of nonprofit organizations in both the domestic and global contexts, including communication and promotion, fund-raising and grant proposal writing, and inter-sectoral collaboration with the public and private sectors.
  5. Comparative Public Service - through a study of public administration and management in a global context, students will gain an advanced capacity to assume a leadership role and use management skills to enhance the mission of government agencies and nongovernmental organizations in the US and another country. 


For more details, please refer to MPA Student Handbook.