Strategic Public Management and Leadership – students will gain an advanced capacity to assume a  leadership role and use strategic management and collaborative processes that facilitate the mission of government  and nonprofit organizations.
Course Requirements:

  • PSPA 650 - Leadership in Public Sector Organizations
  • PSPA 673 – Strategic Planning for Public Service Organizations
  • PSPA 695 – Internship in Public Sector Organizations

Two of the following:

• PSPA 634 – New Governance
• PSPA 655 – Organization Development in the Public Sector
• PSPA 660 – Ethics and Public Service in America
• PSPA 665 – Public Sector Innovation
• PSPA 671 – Public Management in a Globalized Environment
• Three semester hours of approved graduate study

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the NIU MPA program.  I feel I attained a set of core competencies and have demonstrated these competencies with professional experience in the organizations I have served in while being in the program. I feel I can effectively work with internal and external stakeholders, critically analyze data and information and apply it to make economic development, budgetary, and strategic decisions, as well as communicate effectively both orally and in writing for a public or nonprofit organization and in the public policy process. I owe a great deal of gratitude to the NIU MPA program for helping me continue in my public service journey."