Local Government Management – a thorough study of government administration, focusing on the operations of local governments and the analysis of local government and metropolitan issues.  The NIU MPA is ranked 6th nationally by U.S. New and World Report in city management and urban policy.  Students entering local government management gain insight into the latest innovations in local government service delivery, collaborative management, and relations with governing boards and the public.  Gaining these skills provides opportunities to improve the quality of public service in communities across the country.

Course Requirements:

  • PSPA 630 – Local and Metropolitan Government
  • PSPA 632 – Local Government Administration
  • PSPA 695 – Internship in Public Sector Organizations

Two of the following

  • PSPA 631 – Urban Planning and Zoning
  • PSPA 633 – Citizen Participation
  • PSPA 634 – New Governance
  • PSPA 635 – Local Economic Development Policy
  • PSPA 660 – Ethics and Public Service in America
  • PSPA 665 – Public Sector Innovation
  • Three semester hours of approved graduate study