Comparative Public Service

Through a study of public administration and management in a global context, students will gain an advanced capacity to assume a leadership role and use management skills to enhance the mission of government agencies and nongovernmental organizations in the U.S. and another country.

Students must demonstrate ability to advance in one or more of the specialization competencies with a set of four or more courses (equivalent to 12 semester hours) at a university outside the United States, approved in advance by the department.

Double Degree MPA with Renmin University of China
For Renmin Students Enrolling at NIU  HTML  pdf
For NIU Students Enrolling at Renmin  HTML  pdf
Double Degree MPA with Sun Yat-Sen University
For Sun Yat-sen Students Enrolling at NIU  HTML  pdf
For NIU Students Enrolling at Sun Yat-sen   HTML  pdf
Double Degree MPA with Khon Kaen University
For Khon Kaen University Students Enrolling at NIU HTML pdf
For NIU Students Enrolling at Khon Kaen University HTML pdf