Faculty ProfileWood

Curtis Wood

Public Administration, Ethics, Regional Governance, New Governance, and Innovation Management.

Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor Wood received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Kansas in May 2004. He earned an M.P.A. degree from the University of Kansas in 1980. Wood served 20 years in city government, three years in city management and 17 years as a finance director.

Selected publications:

“Understanding the Consequences of Municipal Discretion”, The American Review of Public Administration, 2011

“Innovation Management in Local Government: An Empirical Analysis of Suburban Municipalities.” (with Kimberly Nelson), 2011. Approved for publication by International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior.

“Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Service Delivery in Local Government: The Case of  Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas.” (with Suzanne LeLand) 2010, In City-County Consolidation: Promises Made, Promises Kept?, edited by Suzanne LeLand and Kurt Thurmaier, 2010. Washington D.C.: Georgetown University Press.

"Repercussion of Reform: The effect of municipal form of government on citizen participation strategies" (with Ben Nelson - former MPA student) 2010, Journal of Public Administration (China), Vol. 3. No. 3, pp 25-43.

“The Nature of Metropolitan Governance in Urban America: A Study of Cooperation and Conflict in the Kansas City Region,” in Administration and Society, Volume 40, Number 5 (2008), pp. 483-501. 

“The Performance of the Adapted City from the Perspective of Citizens”, (with YongMao Fan) in Public Performance and Management Review (PPMR), Volume 31, Number 3 (2008), pp. 407-430.

“Mixing Models of Leadership in a Mayor-Council City: A Study of Yorkville, Illinois”, (with Gerald Gabris and Bart Olson) published in 2008 by Taylor and Francis Group, edited by Evan Berman.

“Are We Still Stuck in Traffic? Transportation in Metropolitan Areas Hamilton”, (with David K. and  Laurie Hokkanen ) published in 2008 by M.E. Sharpe. A book chapter in an edited volume on regionalism edited by David K. Hamilton and Patricia S. Atkins titled Urban and Regulated Policies for Metropolitan Livability. 

“Scope and Patterns of Metropolitan Governance in Urban America: Probing the Complexities in the Kansas City Region”, in American Review of Public Administration, Volume 36, Number 3 (2006), pp. 337-353.

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"Inter local Agreements as Overlapping Social Networks: Picket Fence Regionalism in Metropolitan Kansas City." ( with Kurt Thurmaier). Public Administration Review, Volume 62: 5, September/October 2002.