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Gregory Porumbescu

Information and Communications Technology, Transparency and Accountability.

Curriculum Vitae

Gregory Porumbescu is an Assistant Professor and received his Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Public Administration at Seoul National University in 2013. His research interests primarily relate to public sector applications of information and communications technology, transparency and accountability, and citizens’ perceptions of public service provision. Dr. Porumbescu’s work has appeared in The Journal of Public Administration Research and TheoryPublic Administration Review, Policy & Internet, and Public Performance and Management Review. Dr. Porumbescu is also a senior researcher on an international project sponsored by the Social Sciences Korea foundation that examines government competitiveness. This project examines determinants of government competitiveness from an administrative perspective, focusing in particular upon understanding competitiveness across different contexts.

Selected Publications:

G. Porumbescu. (forthcoming). Linking Transparency, Trust in government, and Voice. American Review of Public Administration

G. Porumbescu. (forthcoming) Placing the effect: Gleaning insights in to the relationship between citizens’ use of e-government and trust in government. Public Management Review.

G. Porumbescu (forthcoming). Comparing the effects of e-government and social media use on trust in government: Evidence from Seoul, South Korea. Public Management Review.

G. Porumbescu (forthcoming). Using Transparency to Enhance Responsiveness and Trust in Local Government: Can it Work? State and Local Government Review, doi:10.1177/0160323X15599427

G. Porumbescu (forthcoming). Does Transparency Improve Citizens’ Perceptions of Government Performance? Evidence from Seoul, South Korea. Administration & Society, doi: 10.1177/0095399715593314.

G. Porumbescu, and T. Im (2015). Using Transparency to Reinforce Responsibility and Responsiveness. Invited contribution to The Handbook of Public Administration 3rd edition, James Perry and Robert Christensen (eds.)

T. Im, W. Cho, G. Porumbescu, J. Park. (2014). Internet, Trust in Government, and Citizen Compliance. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 24(3): 741-763.S.

Grimmelikhuijsen, G. Porumbescu, B. Hong, T. Im. (2013) Does culture of openness matter? A cross-national comparative experiment on the effect of transparency on trust in government. Public Administration Review, 73(4): 575-586.  

Cho, W., T. Im, G. Porumbescu, and H. Lee (2013). A Cross-Country Study of the Relationship between Weberian Bureaucracy and Government Performance. International Review of Public Administration (18)3: 115-137.

T. Im, G. Porumbescu, and H. Lee (2013). ICT as a buffer to change: A case study of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Dasan Call Center. Public Performance and Management Review, 36(3), 436-455.

G. Porumbescu. (2013) Assessing the impact of online mass media use and trust in government: Evidence from Seoul, South Korea. Policy & Internet, 5(4): 418-443.

Porumbescu, G, J. Park, and P. Oomsels (2013). Building Trust: Communication and Subordinate Trust in Public Organizations. Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences, 38(February): 158-179.

G. Porumbescu, C. Vrabie, J. Ahn, and T. Im (2012). Factors Influencing the Success of Participatory Egovernment applications in Romania and South Korea. Korean Journal of Policy Studies, (27(1): 1-21.

T. Im, W. Cho, and G. Porumbescu (2011). An Empirical Analysis of the Relation Between Social Spending and Economic Growth in Developing Countries and OECD Members. The Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration, 33(1):1-19.

In Process

G. Porumbescu and Y. Park. Examining the distinctiveness of antecedents to trust in government: Evidence from South Korea (conditional accept). Journal of Asian and African Studies.

J. Park, and G. Porumbescu. E-governmentization: A panacea for the democratization of developing countries? (In press). Digital Public Administration and E-government in Developing Nations: Policy and Practice, D. Griffen, E. Halpin, L. Dissanayake, and N. Mahtab (eds.).