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Lindsey McDougle

Voluntarism, philanthropy, nonprofit management, and social inequality.

Curriculum Vitae

Lindsey M. McDougle, PhD is an assistant professor in the Department of Public Administration.  Dr. McDougle received a BS in Natural Resources Policy from The Ohio State University, a Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) from Duke University, and a PhD specializing in Nonprofit Management from the University of San Diego's School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES). Dr. McDougle completed post-doctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania in the School of Social Policy and Practice (SP2).While there, Dr. McDougle conducted research on community variation in the institutional availability of nonprofit resources, as well as on the motivations and outcomes of voluntary participation. Dr. McDougle has taught courses on Voluntarism, Philanthropy, and Poverty in the Nonprofit Sector. Dr. McDougle has had professional experience as an environmental and sustainability coordinator for IBM in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and as an environmental policy aid for LMI, Government Consulting in McLean, Virginia. Dr. McDougle's research and teaching interests are in the areas of voluntarism, philanthropy, nonprofit management, and social inequality. Dr. McDougle's research has been published in scholarly outlets such as: Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector QuarterlySocial Indicators Research, and Nonprofit Management and Leadership

 Selected Publications:

 Peer Reviewed

  • McDougle, L., & Handy, F. [Accepted]. Understanding the impact of information costs on information-gathering strategies used prior to donating. Nonprofit Management & Leadership.
  • McDougle, L., Handy, F, Konrath, S., & Walk, M. [2013] The role of religiosity in the relationship between volunteering and health outcomes of middle-aged and older adults. Social Indicators Research.
  • McDougle, L., Greenspan, I., &, Handy, F [2011]. Generation green: understanding the motivations and mechanisms influencing young adults’ environmental volunteering. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing. 16[4] 325–341. 
  • McDougle, L. & Lam, M. [2013]. Individual- and community-level determinants of public attitudes toward nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. doi: 10.1177/0899764013479830.

Working Papers

  • Lam, M., & McDougle, L. [2012]. Nonprofit vulnerability across communities: an examination of San Diego County. Baruch College Center for Nonprofit Strategy & Management.
  • McDougle, L. [2009]. Getting to know you: awareness and confidence in the nonprofit sector. RGK Center for Nonprofits and Philanthropy, University of Texas-Austin.