Faculty ProfileGabris, Gerald

Gerald Gabris

Public Administration, Human Resources Management, Organization Behavior and Development, Local Government Management, Leadership.

Curriculum Vitae

Distinguished Teaching Professor Gabris received his B.A. (with honors), M.A., and PhD (1977) degrees from the University of Missouri - Columbia.  He taught at Mississippi State University prior to joining the faculty at Northern Illinois University in 1986.  His research and teaching interests focus on performance appraisal, organization change, innovation management, strategic planning, public service motivation, and leadership within public organizations.  He has served as a consultant and researcher with numerous local, state,  and federal agencies where he has endeavored to link theory to practice.  He is active in such organizations as the American Society for Public Administration and is a former managing editor of Public Administration Review (1996-1999).  He presently serves on the editorial boards of Public Productivity and Management Review, and International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior.  He is an editorial board member emeritus for Review of Public Personnel Administration. In 2003 Dr. Gabris was selected for the Presidential Teaching Professorship Award at NIU, which is annually bestowed on only two University  faculty.  From January 2004 to July, 2009 Professor Gabris served as the Director for the Division of Public Administration.  His most recent research focuses on governing board behavior in local government.

Selected publications:

Gabris, G. T., Davis, T. J. (2013). In Steven Hays, Richard Kearney, and Jerrell Coggburn (Ed.), Motivating Public Service Employees in the Era of the New Normal (pp. 40).

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