Feedback Survey


This consumer feedback survey will be used to obtain information on how well our website is serving its users.  We would like to know whether there are any elements that should be added or aspects
that could be improved.  We will use this feedback to improve our website. Of course, we also welcome positive comments about how to improve the site!

1. Were you able to find what you wanted on our site?

I did not have a particular thing in my mind;
No opinion

    If no, please tell us what you were not able to obtain:

2. How easy did you find our site to find materials you were interested in?

Very easy;
Somewhat easy;
Somewhat Difficult;
Very Difficult;
No opinion 

3. Is there any information not available on our site that you think should be available on it? Please comment:


4. Overall, how useful would you rate our site:

Very Useful;
Somewhat Useful;
Not Useful At All;
No opinion

5. Are there any other comments or suggestions that you would like to make about our site?


6. How often do you use this MPA website?

This is first time;
I have visited 1 - 5 times previously;
I have visited 6 or more times previously;
Don't know

    If you are a first time visitor, how did you find this website?

I had this web address through a brochure. 
I found a link to this website from another website.  Please specify:


 I used a search engine. Please specify:

Other.  Please specify: 

Don't know