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Resources for Pre-Career Students

A Pre-career Student enters the MPA (Masters in Public Administration) program without two years of professional public management experience.  All pre-career students are required to enroll in PSPA 695 and work as an intern for a public or nonprofit agency.  Internships are coordinated through the Department of Public Administration and students generally work 20 hours per week and are paid directly by the internship organization or through Northern Illinois University as a graduate assistant.

Application Deadlines

Fall: Spring:
February 1: preferred deadline to compete for a tuition waiver September 1: preferred deadline to compete for a tuition waiver
May 1: final deadline October 1: final deadline

Pre-career students complete an online application through the graduate school with an application fee of $60. 

Application Process

MPA Application Instructions

Graduate School Online Application

Applicants should apply for admission in the year in which they actually intend to enroll. Requests to defer enrollment after an applicant has been admitted will be considered but are granted only on a case-by-case basis.  Once accepted into the MPA program, you will complete the application process for an internship.

General Program Information:


Internship Program

Internship Program Partners

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2015-16 Tuition Table

Tuition Estimator {Please select Graduate (Student-At-large) in Academic Career for correct estimation}

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