Information Regarding Sabbatical Leaves


General Instructions for Requesting a Sabbatical Leave 
for Faculty and Supportive Professional Staff (SPS)

All applications are due by October 3, 2014
in the Office of the Provost.


The University Council Personnel Committee (UCPC) must review all sabbatical requests–-approved or denied; therefore, please send sets in ranked order. Each sabbatical application must have a complete vita attached. Please remind employees applying for sabbaticals to fill out all sections of the sabbatical request, especially the synopsis paragraph (Item I.2 of the Request for Sabbatical Leave).  The Board of Trustees (BoT) can call for a review of sabbatical requests at any time; a brief non-technical statement of the proposed activity is what the BoT will request.  All sabbatical proposals must follow the required format, which is outlined in the instructions on the Request for Sabbatical Leave form (Items II-VII).

By accepting a sabbatical leave, the employee agrees to provide a report on the outcomes associated with the leave.  Approximately two years after taking an approved leave, employees will be asked (via email) for definite outcomes related to the leave. The Provost asks that all those granted a sabbatical leave provide the information upon request.  This outcomes reporting is a BoT requirement. Information collected is used to demonstrate to the BoT the inherent value of sabbatical leaves and the importance for continuing this benefit in the future.

  • A sabbatical leave is a leave of absence with pay for research purposes.

  • A faculty/SPS member (hereafter referred to as employee) requesting his/her first leave must have completed five years of full-time service by the time the requested sabbatical leave begins

  • To be eligible for a subsequent sabbatical leave, an employee must have completed six years of full-time service from the end of his or her last sabbatical leave to the beginning of the requested leave.
    • Please check each application to see if the full-time service requirement has been met and accurately recorded on the cover sheet of the Request for Sabbatical Leave.
  • Any employee that has taken a sabbatical in the past must include a copy of the most recent sabbatical report. 

Please read and follow these instructions carefully.



Detailed Instructions

  1. Sabbatical Applicant
  2. Department/Division
  3. College/Division

Forms and Memos

Requesting a Sabbatical

Requesting a Change to an Approved/Pending Sabbatical

Required Sabbatical Reporting

After a sabbatical leave, a report is due to the department chair/director, dean, and provost 30 days after resuming regular duties.  The departmental review of the sabbatical is to be completed during the semester regular duties are resumed (e.g., December 15 for fall, May 15 for spring). Once the review has been completed, a copy of the signed "Review of Sabbatical Project Reports" form is to be sent by the department to the dean and the provost for incorporation with the previously submitted sabbatical report.