Guidelines for Sabbatical Leaves


Guidelines for Requesting a Sabbatical Leave 
for Faculty and Supportive Professional Staff (SPS)

All applications are due by October 14, 2016
in the Office of the Provost.


Guidelines have been outlined for both faculty and Supportive Professional Staff sabbatical leaves. Please read and follow these instructions carefully.

Guidelines for Sabbatical Leaves (PDF)

Important Dates Pertaining to Sabbaticals

Applications Due to Provost Office October 14, 2016
Appeals Heard January 2017
UCPC Decision February 2017
Recommendation to President February 2017
BOT Decision February/March 2017



Required Sabbatical Reporting

After a sabbatical leave, a report is due to the department chair/director, dean, and provost 30 days after resuming regular duties.  The departmental review of the sabbatical is to be completed during the semester regular duties are resumed (e.g., December 15 for fall, May 15 for spring). Once the review has been completed, a copy of the signed "Review of Sabbatical Leave Reports" form is to be sent by the department to the dean and the provost for incorporation with the previously submitted sabbatical report.