VII. Tenure-Track Faculty

Three main issues are at the core of changes in the academic professorate and the realities facing the daily lives of faculty. First, there is more blending in governance – leading to the faculty governance model of NIU. Second, and following the first, is the expanding expectations of faculty involvement in all areas of university and departmental life, a far cry from the autonomous professor model that beckoned many to enter the field in the day. And finally, there are dwindling resources that require chairs and their senior department members to make careful decisions about hiring, tenure, and promotion.

  1. Search and hiring process
  2. Mentoring new faculty and staff
  3. Tenure and promotion
  4. Probationary faculty and the personnel process
  5. Non-retention of probationary faculty
  6. Faculty development
  7. Sabbaticals
  8. Graduate faculty
  9. Extension of the tenure period
  10. Faculty representation
  11. Disciplinary actions
  12. Personnel-related resources at NIU