X.2. Advisory Board

A departmental advisory board can be organized by the chair, with a potentially high benefit to the department. The advisory board should include key individuals who are stakeholders in the department's programs, such as alumni in high positions in various organizations in the region or other individuals with similar degrees and backgrounds who serve those regional organizations where your graduates find employment.

The purpose of a departmental advisory board is to engage these stakeholders to support your program, faculty, and students; and to contribute in a variety of ways. Advisory board members may offer feedback on the curriculum from an employer perspective, present guest lectures and seminars in classes to offer a real-world perspective to students, conduct mock interviews for graduating students, provide internships and job opportunities for students, provide project and outreach training opportunities for faculty, participate in fund-raising and recruitment activities, serve as spokespersons and ambassadors of the program, and establish scholarships and endowments. The chair can also invite advisory board members to departmental banquets and award ceremonies and recognize them with service awards.