VI.4. Articulation and Transfer Credit

A sizable percentage of NIU’s undergraduate population comes to the University from the Illinois community college system. Some arrive with Associate degrees; others simply have transfer credit. Those students who have completed the Associate degree at an Illinois public community college may enter NIU with all general education requirement complete and with junior standing if they have meet all requirements. For other transfer students, various criteria apply, depending on the number of credit hours completed and the grade point average attained. See Transfer Admission Criteria. Most matters related to transfer credit will be handled by advisors; however, the issue of course articulation requires regular attention from the department chair. The department should consider if and how its courses compare to similar courses taught at the community college level. The extent of course equivalency has implications for the percentage of the NIU degree and its baccalaureate course load that is actually taken at NIU. See Transfer Program Major Guides for more information.