V.1. Curriculum Development and Approval

According to the university’s principles of faculty governance, faculty will share in all policy-making related to the department’s programmatic and curricular structure. In the vast majority of cases, changes to a department’s curriculum will begin at the department level with its Curriculum Committee. Before beginning the process, however, the chair needs to be well-acquainted with the complexity and order of the approval process as outlined in the APPM, Section III, Item 4, for it can be lengthy and formidable and not to be initiated lightly. Changes to the curriculum will include approval from several of the following, the number and order of which depends upon the type of change recommended: the College Curriculum Committee, the Committee on the Undergraduate Curriculum (CUC), the General Education Committee (GEC), University Coordinating Council, the Admissions Policies and Academic Standards Committee (APASC), the Graduate Council Curriculum Committee, and the Graduate Council. In the event that the change involves a programmatic change, such as the addition or deletion of an emphasis or major, the item will be transmitted through the Provost’s Office to the President and to the Board of Trustees (BoT) and, if appropriate, the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). Changes to courses may be applied in the semester following their final approval; changes in programmatic requirements are not official until they appear in the NIU catalog.