IX.3. Managing Materials

It is the department’s responsibility to manage purchased items and make them available for annual inventory verification by the Property Control office at NIU. A purchased item should be tagged by the Property Control office for inventory, if the item is over a certain dollar amount or has high theft potential. If the value of an item is below the dollar amount for Property Control office to tag, then departments can develop internal guidelines for tracking and maintaining such low-value but important items.

Information about tagging of equipment, reporting on missing items or items to be transferred to other campus units, and the use of departmental equipment off-campus can be found at Property Control office’s website at: http://www.finfacil.niu.edu/MaterialsMgt/propControlIndex.html. Property Control office also has furniture, which can be purchased by departments or transferred free of charge, as applicable.

Disposal of purchased items also requires following university procedures, and disposal of computing equipment with hard disk storage may also incur fees, which will be charged to the department’s budget. Contact the Property Control office for any issues related to missing, disposal or transfer of any purchased items.