IX.1. Departmental Facilities

Departmental facilities include (a) physical space allocated for faculty/staff offices, departmental office and mailroom, graduate assistants’ area, laboratories and computer rooms, store rooms, department-specific classrooms, and other work areas, (b) utilities such as heat, electricity, and cooling, and (c) network and telecommunication lines.

  1. Physical space allocated to a department can impacts its programs and operations, and any future expansion plans. Program reviews also generally include a review of department’s facilities for supporting ongoing programs as well as anticipated future changes. As physical space is a limited resource, department chairs must ensure that the allocated space is used effectively and that the facilities are in good condition. For any facilities-related work requests, the Work Order Desk (http://www.niu.edu/phys_plant/workorders) at the Physical Plant should be contacted. Departments may be charged for the work depending on the nature of the work request.
  2. For general building maintenance issues related to heating, air conditioning, electricity, cooling or issuing or replacing keys or locks, contact the appropriate department at the Physical Plant (http://www.niu.edu/phys_plant/departments/index.shtml). It is critical that the department office effectively manages the keys issued for access to departmental facilities and that the keys are retrieved from those who no longer need access to the facilities. In case of lost keys, report them immediately to Key Control department at the Physical Plant.
  3. For network and telecommunication-related issues, check the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) website at http://www.its.niu.edu/its/index.asp. DoIT also has special rates for cell phones for employee and departmental use, and provides other services such as software distribution, copying services (Document Services), and email/web support.