III.6. Employee Travel Authorization and Reimbursement

Whether for professional presentations, job training, or other official university business, a clear and transparent travel policy is in the best interests of all members of an academic department. As fiscal manager, the chair is the steward of the department's travel budget and the person responsible for communicating to the faculty and staff both the guidelines for reimbursement and the amounts available to cover approved travel arrangements.

Authorization for employee travel should be approved by the department chair and the authorization for department chair’s travel should be approved by the college dean. Travel by a grant or local fund advisor requires the approval of appropriate personnel managing those funds. The funds available for employee travel will vary by department; however, NIU follows a policy of uniform regulations that determine what travel expenses may be reimbursed. Details, including per diem allowance and approved accommodations and forms of travel are available online in the NIU Business Procedures Manual, Travel Regulations.

Although not a University requirement, departments are encouraged to require their employees to prepare a Request for Authorization to Travel form prior to being placed on travel status. This is particularly recommended where out-of-state travel is concerned. This will help the departments to allocate the necessary funds to reimburse the authorized travel expenses. Upon returning to campus, the employee must complete a Travel Voucher to be reimbursed for approved travel expenses. Both forms are available on the Accounting Office website.