III.4. Payroll, Benefits, and Other Reports

Although the chair may not be the individual who completes the following reports, she or he has the responsibility of initiating and overseeing its completion. The due-dates for most of these reports are available from each college office. The following list is not exhaustive:

  • Payroll reports or timesheets. Payroll reports must be submitted for all civil service staff, student workers, and extra help. Without them, no paychecks are issued. Payroll reports are due at HRS by 4:30pm on pay day, which is the 15th day of each month and last day of each month. If the 15th or last day falls on a Saturday or Sunday or banking holiday, pay day will be the prior banking, business day.
  • Benefit Usage Reports. Human Resource Services is required by the State to maintain records of all salaried employees’ benefit usage. Each salaried employee within the department must complete a Benefit Usage Report for each month of contractual employment. The department office staff compiles the department’s benefit usage statistics and forwards the forms to HRS.
  • Faculty Service Reports. The Bylaws, Article 6.12 specify that the annual merit evaluation shall be started and completed in the spring semester of each academic year, based on annual faculty service reports. It is the chair’s responsibility to initiate the process, oversee the selection of the Personnel Committee, and convene the committee, with all relevant information gathered, to conduct the annual merit review for regular faculty as per department bylaws. Instructors and supportive professional staff (SPS) may also be required to submit faculty service reports, depending on the department's negotiated agreements with these employees. See also Section IV Personnel.
  • Annual Report on Oral English Proficiency. By public act, all universities are required to monitor whether or not all instruction is provided by people who can deliver it in English that students can understand. The Provost’s Office expects departments to keep a report of any complaints; and students are advised of the policy and where to file complaints.
  • Annual Assessment Report. At the completion of every academic year, each program will submit an Annual Update Report to track the implementation and outcomes of its assessment plan. At the department level, it is the chair’s responsibility to insure that assessment data is collected by the appropriate faculty committee and the report is submitted on time. In the event that changes in the curriculum are deemed necessary, the chair can initiate the curriculum revision-and-development process.