III.11. Checklist of Operational Deadlines

A substantial portion of departmental operations involves meeting deadlines. It is important for chairs and the office staff to know what these are and to plan accordingly. An established checklist of important dates for the academic year, based on department and college obligations, can help with operational efficiency as well as with staff training. It can also provide administrative continuity in the event that the chair becomes unavailable.

Special attention should be paid to non-negotiable "hard" due-dates, such as the deadline for the submission of course fees requests, end-of-fiscal-year purchase cut-off dates, and pay day timesheet submissions for hourly employees. Although the consequences for overshooting "soft" deadlines may be less severe, no chair needs a reputation for being chronically tardy. Establishing a checklist of the department's important deadlines and planning the workload to meet them on time can prevent both missed opportunities and the loss of political capital for the department.