II.7. Diversity

In its service to the Northern Illinois regional corridor, NIU attracts a diverse student body. Moreover, according to the NIU Mission and Scope Statement:

The multiple and ever-changing demands of society require the continuing development of academic and professional programs that are current, responsive, and of the highest possible quality. The university thus seeks to recruit and retain faculty of national stature from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, attentive to developments in their respective disciplines, and capable of educating students who will be able to serve the region, the state, the nation, and the world with distinction in the coming decades.

To this end, departments are uniquely situated to promote the university's commitment to diversity. Whether through faculty recruitment efforts, course offerings, accessible student advising, service learning opportunities (to name a few), part of the chair's responsibility is to guide his or her department's sustained effort to promote and enhance diversity. Links to a wide range of campus resources and diversity-related commissions/task forces are available at Diversity Resources.

Last Updated: 8/3/2009