I.2. Organizational Structure and Reporting Lines

NIU’s organizational structure includes four main divisions: Academic Affairs, Finance and Facilities, Administration and University Outreach, and University Advancement and Development. Of these, the Division of Academic Affairs is probably the most germane to the day-to-day operation of academic departments, followed by the Division of Finance and Facilities. For more detailed information, please follow the embedded links to the relevant websites.

  1. Division of Academic Affairs is headed by the Executive Vice President and Provost, who is the chief academic officer of NIU. The seven academic colleges, the University Libraries, the Graduate School, and the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center report to the Executive Vice President and Provost. The Division’s staff and the full range of units and programs that report to the staff are listed in its website. The Provost’s Organization Chart is also available online.
  2. Division of Finance and Facilities is headed by the Executive Vice President. Although each academic department’s office staff will most likely be the source of contact with many of this division's units, the chair needs to be familiar with their functions and the administrators of various units that are under this division. The full list of units reporting to the division can be found on the Division website.
  3. Division of Administration and University Outreach is headed by the Vice President for Administration and University Outreach. This division serves the educational, technological, and outreach needs of the NIU campus and the surrounding communities of Northern Illinois. These activities and projects are organized with four units: Information Technology Services (ITS), NIU Outreach, Northern Public Radio (WNIJ and WNIU), and Public Affairs. More information about the Division is available on its website.
  4. Division of University Advancement and Development is headed by the Vice President for University Advancement and Development and the units that report to this division include Alumni Relations, NIU Foundation, and the Office of Publications.

Along with these divisions and their reporting units, chairs should also familiarize themselves with their college offices and the units reporting to the college dean.