I.2. Organizational Structure and Reporting Lines

NIU’s organizational structure includes 10 main divisions and four reporting offices, all of whom report to the President. Of these, the Division of Academic Affairs is probably the most germane to the day-to-day operation of academic departments, followed by the Division of Administration and Finance. For more detailed information, please follow the links to the relevant websites.


Division of Academic Affairs

Division of Administration and Finance

Division of Information Technology

Division of Intercollegiate Athletics

Division of International Affairs

Division of Marketing and Communications

Division of Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development

Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships

Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Division of University Advancement


Reporting Offices

Office of the President

Internal Audit

University Council

University Legal Services/Office of General Counsel


Along with these divisions and their reporting units, chairs should also familiarize themselves with their college offices and the units reporting to the college dean.