Graduate Assistantship Payroll Distribution

Section IV. Item 9.

NIU's policy is electronic direct deposit of pay for all employees. Payroll's distribution for employees is semi-monthly with distributions on the fifteenth (or prior business day) and the last business day of each month. An authorized agreement for automatic payments must be completed to initiate this process. This information is included on the Personal Data Form which is available from the Human Resource Services website.

The Payroll office has firm deadlines for the submission of new employment processing; if the information is not received, the stipend payments will be delayed a minimum of one pay period.

NOTE: Students should be made aware that encumbrances, incomplete admission, or other problems could result in further delays in the processing of the assistantship appointment.


Approved by Graduate Council, May 4, 1992
Modified by Graduate Council, November 24, 1998
Modified Editorially, July 1, 2002; April 16. 2004; July 13, 2010

Last Updated: July 2010