Extra Employment for Graduate Assistants

Section IV. Item 9.

In unusual instances, the Graduate School may allow for the extra employment of full-time (20-hour-per-week) graduate assistants if the additional work is "infrequent," "irregular," and not aligned with their current assistantship. If a department wishes to employ a graduate assistant for extra time, the Request for Extra Employment for Graduate Assistant Form must be submitted to the office of the Dean of the Graduate School by the department or other unit requesting the employment.

Extra employment of a graduate assistant holding a half-time (10 hours per week) or three-quarter time (15 hours per week) appointment may also be requested by completing the Request for Extra Employment for Graduate Assistant form. Students on these appointment types may be approved for the difference between the assistantship duty obligation and 20 hours per week. Departments desiring to hire a half- or quarter-time assistant for extra time may be required to make an additional assistantship appointment.

In addition to consideration of the information on this form, decisions to approve the request will be based on the student's good academic standing and satisfactory progress toward the degree. Permission may take as long as ten (10) days to process and is not guaranteed. The student must not begin the extra work until permission has been granted by the Graduate School.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS) strictly limits foreign students entering the United States on a non-immigrant visa to 20 hours of total employment per week while the University is in session. 

Approved by Graduate Council, May 4, 1992
Modified by Graduate School, October 29, 1998
Editorial modification, February 6, 2004; July 13, 2010; April 7, 2014