Personnel Files for Graduate Assistants

Section IV. Item 6.

As part of the university's Human Resource Management System, the Office of Graduate Assistantship Employment at Human Resource Services is responsible for maintaining a personnel file on each graduate assistant. The file must include a complete record of all correspondence and forms pertaining to the appointment, including originals of the:

  1. Graduate Assistantship Application Form
  2. Evaluation form (how graduate assistant met departmental criteria for appointed assistantship appointment
  3. Offering letter (a lot of department have the acceptance as part of the offering letter)
  4. Acknowledgement of Acceptance letter (if sent) (Graduate Council, December 6, 1993)
  5. Personnel Action Form
  6. Employment Eligibility Form (the Form "I-9") and copies of accompanying documentation.
  7. Personal Data Form
  8. Selective Service Registration Compliance Form (until this becomes a part of the graduate assistantship application and for the Dept. of Accountancy who uses their own GA application).
  9. Letter of Resignation (if applicable)
  10. Other pertinent correspondence

The employing department/cost center is encouraged to keep copies of these materials in their own files.


Approved by Graduate Council, May 4, 1992
Amended by Graduate Council, December 6, 1993
Editorial Modifications October 11, 2004; July 13, 2010

Last Updated: 7/13/10