Offering a Graduate Assistantship

Section IV. Item 3.

  1. The Offering Letter: An offer of a graduate assistantship will be made by the administrative unit to which funds are allocated for this purpose. The student will be notified of such an offer by letter which includes the information indicated in the Sample Offering Letter.
    Offers tendered prior to admission to the Graduate School must carry the stipulation that the appointment is contingent upon admission.
    The original offering letter must be sent to the Office of Graduate Assistantship Employment at Human Resource Services at the time (after acceptance) that the Personnel Action Form (PAF) is submitted.
    Additional information as deemed appropriate by the appointing unit may also be included in this letter. The following items will be enclosures with each offering letter:
    1. Policies Pertaining to Graduate Assistantships (Item 1 of this section)
    2. Council of Graduate Schools Resolution Regarding Scholars, Fellows, Trainees, and Graduate Assistants (approved by the Graduate Council, May 4, 1992; Modified July 1999).
    3. Notice to Graduate Assistants: Immigration Reform and Controls Act (IRCA) of 1986. As stated in the IRCA notice, the graduate assistant has three days from the official start of duties to submit appropriate documentation for verification of employment eligibility to the department of the office of Graduate Assistantship Employment at Human Resource Services. Types of documentation considered appropriate are listed on the "Employment Eligibility Verification" form (known as the "I-9 Form") available at the Human Resource Services' website.
    4. Effects of Tax Laws on Graduate Assistants' Taxable Income.
    5. Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, Form W-4 (available online at the Human Resource Services' website).
    6. Personal Data Form (available online at the Human Resource Services' website). This form should be completed and returned with the acceptance letter.
    7. Selective Service Registration Compliance form. This form is required by state statute for any student receiving state funded financial aid (i.e., tuition waiver scholarship associated with a graduate assistantship). This is currently a separate form available on the Human Resource Services' website. This form should be completed and returned with the PAF.

  2. Terms of Appointment. Graduate assistants are typically appointed for a semester, an academic year (August 16 through May 15), a summer session, or a full fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). If said appointment is for less than an academic term, the corresponding tuition waiver will be prorated according to the number of weeks of the appointment.


Approved by Graduate Council, May 4, 1992
Editorial modification, June 30, 1997, July 1999 & October 2004; July 2010

Last Updated: 7/10