Calendar for Changes in the Graduate Curriculum

Section III. Appendix K.


September -- NOON, last Friday   
GCCC deadline for next Graduate Catalog:  receipt of college curriculum committee minutes with items for CITC-CC.

October -- 2nd Monday                  
GCCC meeting:  General items left over from spring semester, priority given to CITC items, with GCCC approval contingent on revisions being made when called for and on CITC approval.  Where items have been revised, CITC approval must be of the revised item.

October -- NOON, last Friday       
GCCC deadline for next Graduate Catalog:  receipt of college curriculum committee minutes with all other (non-CITC) items.

November -- 2nd Monday               
GCCC meeting:  Priority given to all other (non-CITC) curriculum items and other items for inclusion in the next Graduate Catalog.

November -- 3rd Monday
GCCC meeting:  Follow-up as needed on all items affecting the next Graduate Catalog.


February -- 2nd Monday
GCCC meeting

March -- 2nd or 3rd Monday depending on Spring Break
GCCC meeting

April -- 2nd Monday
GCCC meeting


CITC = Committee for Initial Teacher Certification
CITC-CC = Committee for Initial Teacher Certification Curriculum Committee
GCCC - Graduate Council Curriculum Committee


Approved by the Graduate Council Curriculum Committee, April 7, 2008