Request for Permission to Teach a Course for Graduate Credit Form

Section II.  Appendix B.

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For initial appointment, submit one (1) completed copy of this form, with a copy of a current vita and degree transcript of the intended instructor, to the Dean of the Graduate School. For subsequent appointments, submit also results of departmental assessment of teaching effectiveness. A copy of the fully-signed form will be returned to the department and college offices.

Name: ________________________________________ EMPLID: ____________________________

Course Prefix: ________ Course # ________

Course Title: ______________________________________________________________________

Do instructional duties require primarily supervision and assessment of clinical or practicum experience?    Yes     No

If this is a request for initial appointment, check the effective terms of appointment:

                   Fall                         Spring                      Summer                   Academic Year _______

If this is a request for a renewed appointment, check the effective terms of appointment:

                   Fall                          Spring                       Summer                  Academic Years ________
                                                                                                                               three year maximum

Choose one: I justify this request because the person:

1. has an appropriate terminal degree, or

2. has a record of scholarly achievement equivalent to the expectations of a doctoral degree recipient in the field, or

3. has experience equivalent to that of graduate faculty who hold a relevant terminal degree, as demonstrated by professional licensure and certifications, direct and substantial work experience related to the content of the specific course, and continuous demonstrated competency and achievement in the field.

NOTE: If justification #2 or #3 is indicated, then it must be clearly explained in an accompanying written statement in a memorandum to the Dean of the Graduate School explain the justification. A statement about the level of graduate students in the class is required, and if doctoral students are prohibited from taking the class, then a statement about the means by which enrollment is limited to non-doctoral students must be included.

ALSO NOTE: An NIU graduate student is not allowed to teach a course for graduate credit, unless he or she is a regular graduate faculty member. Exceptions may be granted for a person currently pursuing a doctoral or M.F.A. degree at NIU, but only if the student is in his/her final year and if the exception can be justified by reference to #2 or #3 above. In no case will a graduate student be allowed to teach other students pursuing a terminal degree. If requesting permission for a student to teach, indicate in the justification memorandum the NIU program being pursued.


Department Chair                                                                           Date
College Dean                                                                                  Date
Dean of the Graduate School                                                       Date

Form approved by the Graduate Council, May, 2011