Supportive Professional Staff (SPS) Position Description

Section II. Item 9,1.

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Date: _______________________
Position Control Number: _______
(To be completed by HRS)
Name of Incumbent: ________________________________________________________
Title of Position: ________________________________________________________
Unit Name: ________________________________________________________
Name and Title of Supervisor: ________________________________________________________

Part I. Job Information

  1. Position Focus. In one or two sentences provide a statement summarizing the primary purpose of this position.
  2. Duties and Responsibilities (essential functions).
    List in priority order only the essential duties and responsibilities of this position. Essential duties meet the following standards: (1) the function must be done, (2) taking the function from the job would fundamentally change it, (3) the job exists to perform this function, and (4) there would be significant consequences if the function is not done. The most important item should be listed first.
  3. Duties and Responsibilities (generally).
    Provide a concise summary outline of various activities carried out on a permanent and continuing basis. This summary may include responsibilities related and/or unrelated to the essential functions described above.

Optional Reporting Form for Supportive Professional Staff Positions

Organizational Structure

Please indicate in detail the organizational structure above and below the position described.
Include name and title where applicable.

(supervisor's signature)
(peer position)
position described
(peer position)
(subordinate position)
(subordinate position)
(subordinate position)

Ignore entries that are not applicable
Use extra spaces where necessary.

Part II. Organizational Structure (optional).

  1. Please indicate in detail the organizational structure above and below this position. Identify each position by name of incumbent and job title.

      Organizational Superior
      Reports to -------------------->

      This Position
      Reports to -------------------->

      Other Positions Reporting To the Same Position Are

      ________ ________ This Position ________ ________

      Indicate Organizational Structure Under This Position


  2. Specify the number of employees reporting directly to this position, including student employees:

    Head Count _____________

    FTE ____________________

  3. Specify the number of employees reporting to this position through subordinate supervisors, including student employees:

    Head Count _____________

    FTE ____________________

Part III. Position Requirements

List the knowledge, skills, and abilities that an individual must possess in order to perform the responsibilities of this position.

  1. Minimum educational requirements. Specify appropriate fields(s).
  2. Minimum experience requirements. Specify both type and length of experience required.
  3. Licensing or certification requirements, if applicable.
  4. List the knowledge, skills, and abilities critical to the performance of this position (optional).

Part IV. Goals (Optional)

List the three to five primary goals to be achieved by the staff member.

Part V. Signatures

Employee: ___________________________________________ Date: __________

Immediate Supervisor: _________________________________ Date: __________

Next Level Supervisor: _________________________________ Date: __________

Reviewed By:

Dean or Director: _____________________________________ Date: __________

Vice President: _______________________________________ Date: __________

President (if required): _________________________________ Date: __________


Approved by the Executive Cabinet, November 6, 1995

Last Updated: 11/6/95