Instructions for "Request for Waiver of External Search Form"

Section II. Item 16,2.

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Instructions for completion of the above-mentioned form are the following:

  1. The “Request for Waiver of External Search Form” must be entirely completed, with the required signatures and appropriate attachments before it will be considered. The department will forward the form and attachments to the College/Division Affirmative Action Representative. The College/Division Affirmative Action Representative will review the request and, if approved, will forward to the Divisional Affirmative Action Representative. The Divisional Affirmative Action Representative will review the request and, if approved, forward it to HRS/Affirmative Action and Diversity Resources for final approval and processing.
  2. A completed and approved "Position Request Form" must accompany the "Request for Waiver of External Search Form."
  3. The “Request for Waiver of External Search Form” must also include a memo of justification explaining why the external search should be waived. The memo must answer the following questions:
    1. For what position is the waiver of search being requested?
    2. What alternative is being requested in lieu of an external search?
    3. Why this alternative is being suggested instead of an external search?
    4. If there is a specific candidate being recommended for hire in lieu of conducting a search, what are the candidate's credentials, and why is the specific candidate being recommended? Were there any other interested and/or qualified internal candidates for the position? If yes, indicate other interested candidates, their credentials, and provide rationale for not selecting those candidates or why they should not be considered.
    5. If a one-year temporary appointment is being requested, indicate an approximate beginning date when the search process for a regular continuing appointment will begin. Also, indicate all relevant recruitment processes, if any, that were undertaken before selection of the candidate being recommended. If an emergency hire, indicate reasons for an emergency hire.
    6. If a complete waiver of search process is being requested for a regular continuing appointment, be specific as to the rational for recommending regular appointment status and indicate all relevant recruitment processes that were undertaken prior to selection of the candidate being recommended, or the rational for an internal promotion.

If a campus search only is approved, an external search may still be considered following review of candidates derived from an internal search.
A promotion/reassignment must include all documentation required in accordance with University Position Administration procedures.

3/02 (This form supercedes previous forms)


Approved by the Senior Cabinet, March 25, 1997
Revision approved by Associate Vice President for Administration and Human Resources 5/9/03