Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Instruction


October 28, 2015

TO: College and Department Student Advisory Committees,
Deans, Department Chairs, and
Directors of Interdisciplinary Programs 

FROM: Anne Birberick, Vice Provost 

SUBJECT: 2016 Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Instruction

Attached are copies of the current guidelines for nominations. The Committee for the Improvement of Undergraduate Education recommends that special attention be paid to the suggested timetable, and the student advisory committees make an early start in the selection process in order to make the best possible presentations for their candidate.

An electronic nomination form, complete with examples, has been created. Nominations must be made using this form available by clicking the following link:

Selection Procedures and Nomination Form.

Announcements will appear in a forthcoming NIU Today and the Northern Star during the time which remains before the first suggested deadline.

As always, significant student participation at all levels of the process is expected, and Deans and Department Chairs are urged to do everything possible to ensure that this occurs. It is very appropriate for faculty to provide assistance to students with preparing the career profile, eligibility for nomination and nomination procedures. Supporting information must clearly have been prepared by students.

Please note the strict interpretation of the maximum word count listed for the various boxes on the nomination form and the limited number of required letters of recommendation.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions and thank you for your attention to this.