Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies


The Vice President is chief administrative officer of the Graduate School, functioning as chief academic officer for graduate studies and chief academic research officer of Northern Illinois University. She is responsible for the functions, budgets, and staffing of the Graduate School and those offices reporting to it. This person oversees graduate curricula and works with the Provost's Office -- in the development and evaluation of graduate programs. The Vice President is responsible for final approval of membership on doctoral candidacy and dissertation committees and for final approval of membership on the graduate faculty, and she authorizes graduate-level tuition waivers, serves as the final step in the graduate-level grade-appeal process, serves as the University's Intellectual-Property Officer, and oversees the University's indirect-cost policies and research-integrity policies. This person oversees NIU Foundation funds designated for the support of graduate studies and research.

The Vice President chairs the Graduate Council, the governance and policy-making body for the Graduate School and for the university's graduate studies and research activities, and also chairs the Dissertation Completion Fellowship Committee, the Graduate Faculty Membership Committee, and the Honorary Degree Committee, and is an ex-officio member of the Graduate Council Curriculum Committee, the Graduate Council Research and Artistry Committee, and the Graduate Council Standards Committee. The Vice President is also a member of the Academic Planning Council, the Council of Deans, the University Council (and two of its standing committees), and the University Council Personnel Committee, the Intellectual Property Committee, the University Press Board, and the Presidential Research Professorship Selection Committee. She oversees the University's program of Presidential Research Professors (PRPs) and Distinguished Research Professors (DRPs) and is also responsible for the operation of the federally-mandated research-compliance committees: the Institutional Review Board (for human subjects), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and Institutional Biosafety Committee.

The Vice President currently represents Northern Illinois University on the Governor's Science Advisory Committee (GSAC) and on the governing board of the Illinois Consortium for Educational Opportunity Program (ICEOP). This person also represents the University in the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) and the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS). Reporting directly to the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies are the Dean of the Graduate School, Business Manager, Administrative Assistant, receptionist/secretary, Assistantship/Fellowship Specialist and staff, thesis and dissertation advisers, Assistant to the Dean for Recruitment, Assistant to the Dean for Research Compliance, Curriculum Coordinator/Catalog Editor, Office of Sponsored ProjectsNorthern Illinois University Press, and Technology Transfer Office.

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