Student Commitment

Students selected as PROMISE Scholars are offered the following opportunities and professional development support.

Program Stipend and Scholarship

Students who fully participate in the PROMISE Scholars Program will receive a stipend and/or scholarship for attending the summer program and participation in the components during the academic year. 

PROMISE Program Experiences

  • STEM Course Clustering
  • Comprehensive Academic Advising
  • Peer Led Study Groups for STEM Courses
  • Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarship Opportunities
  • Science, Engineering, Math and Technology Career Course
  • STEM Career and Graduate School Fair
  • Midwest Business Tour(s)
  • Summer Math College
  • Saturday Math College
  • Social Networking
  • Research Teams
  • Virtual Seminars

Research Component

PROMISE Scholars are invited to participate in meaningful research projects with a STEM faculty member.  The research opportunities vary according to each faculty specialty area.  Examples of research experiences include: 

  • Engineering
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • other STEM fields

Research Program Requirements

Research students are required to:

  • Conduct research 6-10 hours per week for 2 semesters
  • Participate in a research experience orientation
  • Complete a questionnaire and participate in a student focus group.
  • Present research findings at the Research & Artistry Day

PROMISE Research students are awarded $1,000 for their research activities.  The research experiences offer students a comprehensive understanding of STEM majors, enhance a student’s professional relationship with faculty, and increase a student’s interest in attending graduate school.  Students will be offered the opportunity to present their research at a campus-wide research forum.