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Adam SeagraveS. Adam Seagrave

Political Philosophy, American Political Thought

Zulauf Hall 412


Overview of Scholarly Activity

Adam Seagrave (Ph.D., University of Notre Dame) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. His research focuses on the central ideas of the American political tradition, including the interrelationships between natural rights, the natural law, and democracy. His book The Foundations of Natural Morality: On the Compatibility of Natural Rights and the Natural Law, is forthcoming with the University of Chicago Press (Spring 2014). This book offers a new account of morality that reinterprets the venerable but contested traditions of natural rights and the natural law, reconceives these concepts both in themselves and in their relation to one another, and applies the resulting account of morality to a number of contemporary political issues. In addition to his teaching and research, Dr. Seagrave serves as the managing editor of the journal American Political Thought: A Journal of Ideas, Institutions and Culture.

Selected Publications:

The Foundations of Natural Morality: On the Compatibility of Natural Rights and the Natural Law (University of Chicago Press, Spring 2014).

“Self-Ownership vs. Divine Ownership: A Lockean Solution to a Liberal Democratic Dilemma,” American Journal of Political Science 55.3 (July 2011): 710–723. 

“Darwin and the Declaration,” Politics and the Life Sciences, 30.1 (Spring 2011): 2-16.

“Cicero, Aquinas, and Contemporary Issues in Natural Law Theory,” The Review of Metaphysics 62 (2009): 491–523. 

“How Old Are Modern Rights? On the Lockean Roots of Contemporary Human Rights Discourse,” Journal of the History of Ideas 72.2 (April 2011).

“Darwin, Charles.” The Encyclopedia of Political Thought (Wiley-Blackwell), forthcoming.

Review of Robert Taylor’s Reconstructing Rawls: The Kantian Foundations of Justice as Fairness. American Political Thought (Spring 2012).