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Kim NelsonKimberly Nelson

Public Administration, Public Management, and Local Government Management

IA 211
(815) 753-6146


Overview of Scholarly Activity

Dr. Nelson is an assistant professor in the Division of Public Administration. She received her Ph.D. from North Carolina State University.  She joined NIU in fall 2006.  Her research and teaching interests are public administration, urban governance, local government management, economic development, and organization theory.  Her current research projects examine municipal structure and its relevance government performance and methods for promoting innovation in local government.  She is a member of the American Society for Public Administration, the Urban Affairs Association, and the International City/County Management Association.

Selected Publications

“What Makes Municipal Councils Effective?  An Empirical Analysis of How Council Members Perceive Their Group Interactions and Processes.”  with  Gerald Gabris and Trent Davis.  State and Local Government Review, 43 (3): 196-204, 2011

“Conflict and Cooperation in Municipalities: Do Variations in Form of Government Have an Effect?”  with Karl Nollenberger. Urban Affairs Review, 47(5): 696-720, 2011.

“State Level Autonomy and Municipal Government Structure: Influence on Form of Government Outcomes.”  American Review of Public Administration, 41 (5): 542-561, 2011.

“Form of Government Still Matters: Fostering Innovation in U.S. Municipal Governments.”  American Review of Public Administration, with James Svara.  Forthcoming. (Online http://arp.sagepub.com/content/early/2011/03/10/0275074011399898).

“Innovation Management in Local Government: An Empirical Analysis of Suburban Municipalities.”  with Curtis H. Wood  and Gerald T. Gabris.  International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior, 14 (3): 301-328, 2011.

“Adaptation of Models versus Variations in Form: Classifying Structures of City Government.” with James Svara.  Urban Affairs Review, 45 (4): 544-562, 2010.

“Demand and Supply: Assessing the Capacity of MPA Programs to Satisfy the Growing Need for Professional Management in Local Government.”  with Gerald Gabris and Trent Davis.  Journal of Public Affairs Education, 16 (3): 379-400, 2010.

“Kansas City, Missouri—The Evolution of Council-Manager Government.”  with Curtis H. Wood.  In More than Mayor or Manager:  Campaigns to Change Form of Government in America’s Largest Cities. James Svara and Douglas Watson, eds.  Georgetown: Georgetown University Press, 2010.