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Andrew J. BloeserAndrew J. Bloeser

American Politics (Political Psychology, Political Mobilization, Public Opinion)

Zulauf Hall 401
(815) 753-1011


Overview of Scholarly Activity

Andrew Bloeser received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois and is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science.  In his research and in the classroom, Bloeser calls attention to how democratic theory can guide social science and how social science can guide democratic theory.  His current research explores how fundamental human characteristics, like stable psychological traits, can help us evaluate the expectations democratic theories place on citizens.  More broadly, his teaching interests include political psychology, political mobilization, and the politics of the news media.

Selected Publications

Bloeser, Andrew J., Carl McCurley and Jeffery J. Mondak.  2012.  "Jury Service as Civic Engagement: Determinants of Jury Summons Compliance."  American Politics Research 40: 179-204.

Brophy-Baermann, Michelle and Andrew J. Bloeser.  206.  "Stealthy Wealth: The Untold Story of Welfare Privatization."  The Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics 11(3): 89-112.