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Andrea BonnicksenAndrea Bonnicksen

Biomedical and Biotechnology Policy 

Overview of Scholarly Activity:

Andrea Bonnicksen (Ph.D. Washington State University) is a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus and former chair of the Department of Political Science at Northern Illinois University, where she teaches courses in biomedical and biotechnology policy. She is the author of three books, including Crafting a Cloning Policy: From Dolly to Stem Cells (Georgetown University Press, 2002) and In Vitro Fertilization: Building Policy from Laboratories to Legislatures (Columbia University Press, 1989). Her fourth book, Chimeras, Hybrids, and Interspecies Research: Politics and Policymaking, is forthcoming in late 2009. She has published journal articles and book chapters on ethical and policy issues related to embryonic stem cell research, human reproductive cloning, germ-line gene therapy, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, ovum nuclear transfer, human embryo freezing, and other reproductive and genetic technologies.

Bonnicksen has been invited to speak at meetings sponsored by federal government agencies and by universities. She has served as a core participant in projects sponsored by the Hastings Center and American Association for the Advancement of Science, among others. She was the former co-chair and long-time member of the Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Selected Publications:

Chimeras, Hybrids, and Interspecies Research: Politics and Policymaking. Washington DC Georgetown University Press, forthcoming.

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