POLS Advisory Board

Dr. Marlene Sokolon, Associate Professor, Concordia University

Kikue Hamayotsu

Dr. Marlene K. Sokolon's main area of research is ancient Greek political thought, but she also has wider interests in the history of political ideas, Roman, medieval, and modern political athought, politics and literature, and politics and emotions; in the field of public policy, Dr. Sokolon researches the political and ethical challenges of new technologies, such as agriculture and medical biotechnology, to policy formation.  Her current research program focuses on the contribution of ancient poetic and dramatic texts to the understanding of key political concepts, such as justice and authority, as well as how literary texts enhance the epistemology of political analysis.  She currently is working on a book concerning the conceptualization of justice in several of Euripides' plays and how this ancient Greek understanding can help clarify modern debates on the meaning of justice.  She is the author of several publications including the book Political Emotions: Aristotle and the Symphony of Reason and Emotion (Northern Illinois University Press, 2006).  In the future, she intends to bring together her expertise in ancient political thought with interests in public policy; in particular, she intends to explore how ancient conceptualizations of the human relationship to the natural world shed light on contemporary debates concerning biotechnology and public policy.  More about Marlene Sokolon.