POLS Advisory Board

Anies Baswedan, President, Paramadina University, Jakarta, Indonesia

Kikue Hamayotsu

Ph.D. Political Science, 2007

Dr. Baswedan is the President of Paramadina University in Jakarta, Indonesia, a prominent private university. He is also the Research Director at the Indonesian Institute for Public Policy Analysis. Previously, he was a Senior Researcher at the  Indonesia Survey Institute. All three institutions are among the most influential in Indonesia and in the region. He was well known as a talented scholar among many even before he returned to Indonesia after completing his Ph.D. at NIU.

His drive to make an impact on society as an intellectual and public leader is impressive. His position at Paramadina, in particular, has allowed him to stand out for his commitment to improve higher education through innovation and to achieve social and political change through education. He is often heard advocating such issues as eradication of corruption and government accountability, currently top national agendas among state leaders, and the importance of civil society organizations and foreign aid organizations such as the World Bank.

Baswedan is continually invited to speak on those issues at national and international forums, in the media, and by top government leaders including the President of Indonesia. Most notably, in 2008 he was named one of the 100 Top Public Intellectuals worldwide by Foreign Policy magazine alongside individuals such as Al Gore, Francis Fukuyama, and Noam Chomsky. Recently, he was selected as one of the 2009 Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum.