Engaged Learning


POLS-SAC is proud to organize and administer special events and activities related to the study and practice of political science. One of our main projects for the upcoming semester is to have a small series of five Political Science Brown Bag Lectures. Each lecture will emphasize topics specific to the different political science emphases that we have at NIU.

In the end of the fall semester, the students were able to attend the first of our Brown Bag lectures, delivered by Dr. Christopher M. Jones, the chair of the Department of Political Science and a scholar of U.S. defense and foreign policy. Dr. Jones talked about sources and implications of America’s dependency on foreign oil and national security implications of this dependency.

For the second Brown Bag Lecture that will take place in the beginning of the spring semester, we invited Dr. Artemus Ward to speak from the Department of American Government and Public Law. Dr. Ward will deliver a lecture on constitutional law and American judicial politics. If you are looking forward to learning something new about our judicial system and having a fun time, join us! All POLS Majors are invited. We will soon provide more information concerning the time and place of the lecture.

Additionally, this spring semester POLS-SAC would like to hold a one-night career seminar. We plan to invite several professors from different emphases to talk to our students about options after graduation. The professors will discuss job opportunities for undergraduate students both in the private and public sector. They will also give advice about applying to graduate schools and law schools. They will answer questions concerning GRE and LSAT, and any other questions that students may have. We will provide more information about the career seminar as well as other upcoming events soon, so check our website regularly.