Course Offerings

Fall 2013 Video Course Descriptions

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Art Ward
POLS 100 American Government 

Mitch Pickerill
POLS 210 The Law and Courts

Michael Buehler
POLS 260 Introduction to Comparative Politics

Matt Streb and Adam Seagrave
POLS 309 American Electoral Democracy 
POLS 353 Democratic Theory

Brendon Swedlow
POLS 324 Politics of Env. Health & Safety 
POLS 411 Constitutional Law

Michael Clark
POLS 360 West European Politics

Kheang Un
POLS 362 Politics of Developing Areas

Kheang Un
POLS 368 Politics of Africa

Robert Brathwaite
POLS 388 U.S. National Security Policy

Thomas Arado
POLS 415 Criminal Law

Mitch Pickerill
POLS 419 Mock Trial