Spring, 2009


Professor Larry Arnhart

Office: Zulauf Hall 404

Office hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 3:30-4:30 pm; Wednesday & Friday, 12:30-1:30 pm, other times by appointment.  To be sure that the instructor will be in his office, email him ahead of time to alert him that you're coming at a specific time.

Office telephone: 815-753-7049

Email: larnhart@niu.edu



Monday, 6:30-9:10 pm, DuSable Hall 466




Hume, Essays, ed. Eugene Miller (Liberty Classics, 1985)

Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, ed. Tom Beauchamp (Oxford,


Hume, An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals, ed. Tom Beauchamp (Oxford,


Hume, Dialogues and Natural History of Religion, ed. J. C. A. Gaskin (Oxford, 1998)

Hume, The History of England, vol. 5 (Liberty Classics, 1983)

Hume, The History of England, vol. 6 (Liberty Classics, 1983)




Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature, ed. David Norton and Mary Norton (Oxford, 2000)




The final grade will be based on the grades for the journal writing (30% for journal entries #1-6 and journal responses #1-5, 30% for journal entries #7-13 and journal responses #6-12), class participation (15% for the first half of the semester and 15% for the second half), and a final paper (10%).  Grades for the first half of the semester will be handed out in class on March 16.


For the journal writing, you will be put into a journal group with two other students.  The journal group assignments will be changed at the middle of the semester.  You must bring to class three copies of your journal entries and journal responses—one for the professor and two for the other two members of your group.


The journal entry should be at least two double-spaced typed pages on the reading for the week.  The point of the journal entry is for you to set down your thoughts about anything in the reading.  This will be your attempt to struggle with any issue that comes up in the reading.  Usually it is best to take up one issue that you can develop a little in two pages.


You will write journal responses for each of the two journal entries you have received.  Each journal response should be at least one double-spaced typed page.  The point of the journal response is for you to respond in some fruitful way to the thoughts of your journal group members.


The final paper should be at least ten double-spaced typed pages.  The point of the final paper is for you to elaborate your thinking about some topic related to the readings and discussions in the course.  You might build upon something that has come up in your journal writing.  The professor will distribute a list of possible topics.  If you want to work on a topic not on the list, you will need to ask for that topic to be approved.  The final paper will be due on May 4th, no later than 12 noon at the professor's office.






Jan  12:  Introduction


Jan  19:  No class (MLK day)


Jan  26:   Essays, xxxi-xlix, 14-110

               Journal entry #1


Feb   2:   Essays, 111-190, 197-215, 226-249

               Response #1

               Journal entry #2


Feb   9:   Essays, 253-280, 366-464

               Response #2

               Journal entry #3


Feb  16:  Essays, 465-487, 512-529, 533-537, 563-598

               Response #3

               Journal entry #4


Feb  23:  Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, 1-61

               Response #4

               Journal entry #5


Mar   2:  Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, 62-123

               Response #5

               Journal entry #6


Spring break


Mar  16:  Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals, 73-138

                Response #6

                Journal entry #7


Mar  23:  Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals, 139-199

                Response #7

                Journal entry #8


Mar  30:  The Natural History of Religion, 134-196

                Response #8

                Journal entry #9


Apr    6:   Simon Kow, "On the Use of History for Political Theory," online at


                History of England, vol. 5, 3-49, 57-59, 84-96, 111-155

                Response #9

                Journal entry #10


Apr  13:  History of England, vol. 5, 156-216, 565-567 (note to p. 197), 241-242,

                   283-286, 291-295, 382-395, 490-548

                Response #10

                Journal entry #11


Apr  20:   History of England, vol. 6, 3-154

                Response #11

                Journal entry #12


Apr  27:   History of England, vol. 6, 424-545

                Response #12

                Journal entry #13


May  4:   Final essay due in the professor's office by 12 noon.