POLS 495, Sec. 2 Fall, 2004

Pol. Terrorism in S.E. Asia: Prof. Ladd Thomas

Separtist and Radical (Jihadist) Office: Zulauf 302

Islamic Terrorists Office Hours: T & Th 1:30-

2:30, W 4:00-5:00


Course Description

This course examines separatist and Radical (Jihadist) political terrorism in Southeast Asia. It begins by looking at the theological strain of radical Islamic thought that has given rise to Al Qaeda and Jihadist groups in Southeast Asia. It then studies the various separatist and radical Islamic groups which have engaged in political terrorism in S. E. Asia. Also, it treats the responses (to political terrorism) by S. E. Asian states, by region organizations and by non-Southeast Asian states. Pertinent material is provided in the two texts, articles, chapters, papers, and reports placed on reserve in Founders Library as well as additional information provided orally in class by the Instructor.


The two texts are Zachary Abuza, Militant Islam in S. E. Asia. (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, Publishing Co., 2003), paperback cover, ISBN 1-58826-237-5; Zachary Abuza, Funding Terrorism in S. E. Asia: The Financial Network of Al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiya, in NBR Analysis, Vol. 14, No. 5 (Seattle, WA: National Bureau of Research, December 2003), paperback cover.

Other Required Reading

See attached Reserve List

Course Requirements

Students must do all of the required reading (texts and materials on reserve in the library, attend the class sessions and take good notes, participate in class discussions of the readings, take the midterm and final exams (both are of the essay type) and write a term paper. For graduate students, the paper should be of approximately 20 pages (including endnotes), and undergraduate student should write a paper of approximately 10 pages (including endnotes). Two copies of each paper shall be submitted to the Instructor by no later than the December 1 class session. One copy of each paper will be returned to the student at the final exam, and it will have a grade and comments by the Instructor. Before starting research on the paper, the student should consult with the Instructor to see whether another student has picked the same topic and to determine whether the topic is feasible in terms of available material.

Dates(s) Topics Required Reading

Aug. 25 Origins & develop. of Jihadist No reading; only oral presentation by

strain of Islamic Thought Instructor

Sept. 1 Abdullah Azzam, Osama bin Laden Abuza, Militant Islam..., pp.4-9;

and Al Qaeda; Organizational "Tentacles of Terror...", pp. 429-431;

Structure of Al Qaeda also oral presentation by Instructor

Sept. 8 Al Qaeda & Radical Islam in Laffan,"The Tangled Roots..." entire

S. E. Asia article; Abuza, "Tentacles of Terror...",

pp.431-434; Abuza, Militant Islam...

pp. 1-4, 9-28

Sept. 15 Islamic Politics, Grievances, Separatism, Abuza, Militant Islam..., pp. 33-76;

& Islamic Militancy in S. E. Asia Abuza, "Tentacles of Terror...", pp. 435-449; Chalk, "Political Terrorism

in S. E. Asia," pp. 123-124, 126-128;

McDonald, "Political Islam in S. E.

Asia, pp. 388-391; Hassan, "Faith &

Politics...", entire article; ICG, "Jihad

in Central Sulawesi", entire report.

Sept. 22 Islamic Politics, Grievances, Seperatism Chalk, "Pol. Terrorism in S.E. Asia,"

& Islamic Militancy in S. E. Asia pp. 122-123; Farouk, " The Historical & Transnational Dimensions of Muslim Separatism in Southern Thailand," entire chapter; Thomas, Pol. Integration of Muslims in South Thailand...", entire paper; Abuza, Militant Islam..., pp. 76-81; Abuza, "Tentacles of Terror...", pp. 459-461; Dokaiajoo, entire paper; also oral presentation by Instructor.

Sept. 29 From Parochial Jihadists to Abuza, Militant Islam..., ch. 3

International Terrorists: Exploiting

the Philippines

Oct. 6 Midterm Exam

Oct. 13, 20 Jemaah Islamiya & its links with Abuza, Militant Islam..., ch. 4; Abuza

& 27 Indigenous Radical Islmaic groups "Tentacles...," pp. 450-461; Desker,

in S. E. Asia "Islam in S. E. Asia...", entire article; Min. of Int., Singapore "The Jemaah Islamiya Arrest...", entire White Paper; ICG, "How the Jemaah Islamiya Network Operates", entire report; ICG, "Damaged but ...", entire report.

Nov. 3 Finding Terrorism in S. E. Asia Abuza, Funding Terrorism in S. E. Asia..., entire publication

Nov. 10, 17 Responses (by Impacted States, non- Abuza, Militant Islam..., ch. 5; Dalpino

S. E. Asian States, and S. E. Asian "Second Front, Second Time: Counter-

Regional Organizations) to Political Terrorism...", entire article; Desker,

Terrorism in S. E. Asia "Islam in S. E. Asia," pp. 425-427; Jones, "From Konfrontasi to ...", entire article; Kurlantzik, "Tilting at Dominos...", entire article; Lyon, "Australia's Security...", entire article; Rogers, "Beyond the Abu Sayyaf, entire article; Singh, "Two Years On...", entire article; Christofferson, "The War on Terrorism in S. E. Asia...", entire article.

Nov. 24 No Class Meeting (Holiday Break)

Dec. 1 Prospects for Future of Militant Islam Abuza, Militant Islam..., ch. 6; also

in S. E. Asia Class discussion of Prospects

Dec. 6 Final Exam (6:00-7:50 pm)