Professors Making News

Un Invited to Speak to United Nations Staff

Professor Kheang Un has been invited to speak at the 2010 Dialogue Series on “The Role of Elections in Peace Processes: When and How do They Advance Stability or Exacerbate Conflicts?” Professor Un will deliver his presentation in Turin, Italy in mid-December 2010.  The event is organized by the United Nations (UN) System Staff College in partnership with Germany-based Zentrum fur Internationale Friedenseinsatze (ZIF). Participants are selected senior staff from UN Headquarters, including the Deputy Special Representatives of the UN Secretary General, whose work involves multidisciplinary peace operations. The aim of the of Dialogue Series is to expose senior United Nations staff to knowledge presented by internationally recognized experts within and outside of the United Nations system to promote creative and effective solutions for complex global issues.

Congratulations to Professor Un on this impressive invitation.