Awards & Recognition

Ph.D. Candidate Bunthoeun So Awarded East-West Center Fellowship

January 2009

Bunthoeun So

Bunthoeun So was awarded a fellowship from the East-West Center. The fellowship enables six weeks of research, two months in Singapore at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), and three months in Washington, D.C. at the East-West Center. The approximate value of the award is $35,000. Bunthoen is working toward his Ph.D. in political science and is working with Professor Danny Unger. He expected to complete his degree and graduate in May 2009. This is the third East-West fellowship won by a POLS doctoral student in recent years. Bunthoen commented, "I wish to thank every faculty member in political science at NIU for the knowledge I have earned at the university. I wish to particularly thank my dissertation advisor, professor Danny Unger, for his advice and guidance without which I may not have come this far." Congratulations, Bunthoeun!

The East-West Center is an education and research organization established by the U.S. Congress in 1960 to strengthen relations and understanding among the peoples and nations of Asia, the Pacific, and the United States. The Center contributes to a peaceful, prosperous, and just Asia Pacific community by serving as a vigorous hub for cooperative research, education, and dialogue on critical issues of common concern to the Asia Pacific region and the United States. Funding for the Center comes from the U.S. government, with additional support provided by private agencies, individuals, foundations, corporations, and the governments of the region. Over its nearly fifty years of serving as a U.S.-based institution for public diplomacy in the Asia Pacific region with international governance, staffing, students, and participants, the Center has built a worldwide network of more than 55,000 alumni and 600 partner organizations. With a 21-acre campus in Honolulu and a Washington, D.C. office focused on preparing the U.S. for an era of growing Asia Pacific prominence, the Center is helping to develop global leadership through programs that help current and future leaders understand the issues and people in this dynamic region.