Awards & Recognition

Model Illinois Government Organization Enjoys Success in Springfield

April 2009

Jaclyn Curtis

Congratulations to the NIU Political Science Department Model Illinois Government (MIG) organization! In March 2009 the department’s MIG students, who are advised by Professor Mikel Wyckoff, successfully participated in a student-organized, intercollegiate simulation of state government in Springfield. Student participants choose from a wide range of roles including legislators, attorneys, budget analysts, lobbyists and journalists.

The centerpiece of MIG is a legislative simulation that takes place in the actual House and Senate chambers of the State Capitol. Prospective bills are considered and amended in committee and then debated a brought to a final vote on the floor of each chamber. Experienced students can participate as committee chairs or party leaders, and all students have the option of submitting their own original legislation if they wish to do so.

We are pleased to report that two of our Political Science undergraduates did an excellent job serving as committee chairs. In addition, Jaclyn Curtis (pictured above) campaigned for and won the Comptroller's office. Also, Phil Garee managed to pass a piece of original legislation that he drafted for the simulation. The bill provided funding to remodel Cole Hall and to build a new lecture facility!

Many thanks to Mikel for supporting this group!